Today in WordPress world – 14/10

  • Sometimes you need to see what’s wrong with a WordPress install, and you need to see it fast. Yoast combined lots of useful functions into a WordPress Debug Theme, that will come in handy when you will be in need of a quick debug!
  • With the magazine theme trend growing in the past year, post thumbnails have become a common feature in a lot of WordPress themes. Some of these themes use timthumb from Darren Hoyt, some other developers have developed their own way to get images from the post and display it as a thumbnail in WordPress template pages.
    But with WordPress 2.9, the new feature the_post_image() will allow everyone to control and display images within posts very easily. That’s a great new feature lots of developers will be happy to hear about!
  • provides a free and simple place to talk about WordPress in a laid-back environment. Do you want to chat about WordPress with other WordPress fans? WPchat is the place for it!