Today in WordPress world – 07/10

  • Small Potato, previous owner of (I won’t link to the page from here, the website is now nothing more than a list of affiliation links now)and popular WordPress developer a few years ago, announced he would come back to business soon. As you can see on his blog, he plans on coming back to the WordPress Premium them market, with his own style. The site should get a Fresh design soon, and we should get to know the views of Small Potato over the theme market, from an “outsider”.
    That could be interesting:
    He mentioned in one of his comments, “Current top authors are releasing pretty heavy themes. Sure, they’re all feature-packed, but for who? sellers or buyers? It seems like you can’t sell a theme these days without a theme control panel to edit every damn pixel. Well, watch me.”

    Will Small Potato manage to make a good come-back? That’s what we are going to see soon with his first themes, and WereWP will be there to check it