Today in WordPress world – 13/08

  • Feel like starting WordPress theme development? Feel like you would not be able to do it alone? WP Synergy (previously name Gorilla project) wants to build a large community of WordPress designers and developers. For what? Their website says it all:
    * collaborate together to build FREE Premium WordPress themes.
    * maintain and upgrade the themes to the latest WordPress version.
    * fix bugs.
    * make the themes cross browser and cross OS platform compatible.
    * offer support to users (forum).
    * write tutorials.
    * create a theme framework to speed up themes development.
    * write an extensive documentation (Wiki) for WordPress developers willing to create a theme for Wp Synergy.

    Feeling like joining them? The project is open to everyone!

  • A list of “Must” learn for all WordPress developers. I must say I do not respect all these rules, but your work will be easier if you do! Personally I will try to improve myself based on this list.