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One suggestion. Please prefix date in the link title for posts under category link “Today’s Delicious Links”. Else its confusing to browse.


Jeremy says:

Thanks for the suggestion! To be honest I plan on stopping posting these links every day. I do not really like it this way. I still hesitate between a lifestream in my sidebar and a weekly summary of my Delicious links.
What would you recommend?

You can either do one of the following,

  1. Post daily links but then only posting link would affect your seo. Reason after sometime your average links per page vs content would go high, decreasing the value of site. Hence its advisable to add a summary text along with links.
  2. Since writing summary post daily is not feasible, you can do it weekly.

  3. Add a RSS feed in sidebar which will periodically update posts from blogs you ahve subscribed. Even i plan to implement this on


Jeremy says:

Thanks for the advices! In fact I still hesitate betwen option 2 and 3, but I guess I will turn to the weekly summary. It will allow me to comment each link I give you, and I think it is better for everyone!