Life, Level 3 – Start

Here I am again. 5 years after moving to Hungary and leaving my previous life behind, I am moving again, this time to Canada.

Game of life

I like challenges. I also like to travel and to discover new things. It was already a big change to move to another country 5 years ago, but it was still Europe: I wasn’t too far from home, the culture was not so different from my own, and I knew a few people there.

But this time, it is different. I left Europe, I left my friends in Hungary and in Brittany, I left my previous job, my cozy flat and my habits, and since last Thursday, I am discovering the great city of Montreal!

The people are different, the weather is different, the currency is different, but I am not alone.

My weapons:

  • A great new job
  • Awesome new colleagues
  • My wife

And that’s it for now! But I can’t wait to add more things to this list.

My first few days here in Montreal have been great. People seem nice and helpful everywhere, everybody seems ready to give you a hand with anything. It is cold, yes, but that was to be expected, and once you have the proper clothes, it is no big deal. :)

I still have to get used to the Canadian dollar though, and the fact that prices are always displayed without taxes. It also feels strange to have shopping assistants so keen to help you as soon as you set soon into their shop :)

Canadians, let me know if there is something I shouldn’t miss; some experiences to live; some people to meet. I will do everything I can to make this city my own!