Learn about WordPress with cats

There are people who got a big reputation within the WordPress comunity. You know their blog, you may even know their face thanks to Gravatar. And among all these people there is a cat finding his way…

catDo you know him? If not, you must know his owner! Jean Baptiste Jung, a 26 years old guy from Belgium, is spreading his knowledge about our favorite blogging software in different places over the Internet. Indeed he is a regular contributor on WPHacks and owns WPcode, wprecipes.com and catswhocode.com. As a web developer and owner of several French websites he knows WordPress quite well and developed tools to help the community.


WP Recipes


Are you working on your own theme? Have you ever had small issues finding out a precise php snippet on WP forums? Would you be interested in daily tips to get the best out of WordPress? Then WP Recipes is for you! Quick tips are all there available to everyone, and if you have one question, ask in on the forums! Jean Baptiste will then publish the answer on the blog for everyone.

Cats who code


Catswhocode on the other hand is less focussed on WordPress but more on blogging and web development. Do not hesitate to go have a look if you want to get some blogging tips like how to Capture Social Media Visitors With Ease for example!

Now that you know, I suggest you check it out! By the way, did I mention that they are running a contest for a free premium WordPress theme ? ;)

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