Introducing… Watson!

Here is the first post of many, introducing the new member of our small family: Watson!

Watson is a French Bulldog, and here is small video of his first steps at home with us!

Voici le premier article d’une longue série, pour vous présenter Watson, le petit dernier de la famille !

Watson est un Bouledogue Français, et vous pouvez découvrir ces premiers pas dans la vidéo ci-dessus.

10 replies on “Introducing… Watson!”

Haha, so cool!! :D

Love his name too, seems quite fitting! Reminds of Akira about one year ago, when we got him.

Have loads of fun — and I know that you will! :)

woaaaah! so cute! I love him!
He really does resemble Akira, specially at that age!
I’m hoping to see more of him!

Have fun and be careful of your shoes! ;)

I realize how incredibly unmasculine this may be, but SQUEEEEEEEEE!! It’s good you live NOWHERE near me or Watson would be in severe danger of dognapping!

Uh…uhm…uh….Dawwwww, it’s such a cute little fur bar! Adorable!
The music’s rhyme fits the video so well…It’s a truly awesome, peaceful yet playful ball of fur. <3
<—Cats and dogs person