I am an Automattician!

It’s official:

I am now a full-time Happiness Engineer at Automattic, Inc!

You might not know about Automattic yet, but I am sure you have heard about some of its most popular services, WordPress.com, Gravatar, or Akismet.

I am now part of the Happiness team, a group of talented people [1] whose only goal is to make you happy! Whether you created a WordPress.com blog and need some help tweaking your new blogging home, or whether you have issues with one of the other Automattic plugins, we are here to help you.

I am thrilled to have the chance to work with such incredible people, to chat and exchange with colleagues from all over the world, to learn from them, and to work on a project that I love!
It’s also going to be a challenge, but I will do my best to live up to it!
In a nutshell: it’s awesome! :)

If you’re as much a WordPress fan as I am, you should apply too! [2]

1. See what I did here? ;)
2. Two people once told me that I had nothing to lose: if you think you’d love to work with us, apply! Thanks to Ian Stewart and Shaun Andrews for their advice!

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