A few weeks in Brittany

Here are a few pictures of our last trip in Brittany. Enjoy!

This is starting to become a tradition: come summer, my wife, my daughter, my dog, and I take a road trip across Europe and spend a few weeks at my parents’ in Brittany. It’s a nice change from Budapest and everyone likes the trip: my daughter gets to play outside and discover farm animals, my parents spend time with their grand-daughter, our dog runs around free, and my wife and I get spend a bit of time together.

Here are a few pictures of our last trip. That might convince you to take a trip to Brittany one day! :)

Cancale, oyster capital of Brittany

Cancale beach
Cancale beach

Cancale is a small city on the seaside, and has become popular for its oysters. There can be quite a lot of tourists in the summer but we were there at the right time; it was already sunny, but there were no tourists yet.

We hiked along the sea for a few hours, enjoyed the view and the fresh air. If you time it right, you’ll leave at high tide and come back for low tide, when the oyster farmers are at work in the oyster parks on the beach. It’s quite the view!

After the hike, we stopped at a small restaurant for lunch and had mussel. Delicious!

At the beach

Relaxing on the beach

We were lucky; although Brittany’s weather can be tricky in May, we got a lot of sunny days and were able to go to the beach multiple times. Lili played in the sand and dipped her feet (and more!) in the “refreshing” ocean. :)

Watson also enjoyed the beach; he had all the space he wanted to run around and bark at things. :)

Dinan, the old medieval city

View from Dinan's old city
View from Dinan’s old city

Dinan is an old town, inland. It’s worth going for a walk in the old streets, checking out the old buildings and the small shops here and there. We walked down to the harbour and had a drink before to walk back up in the steep Jerzual street. Dinan’s harbour is a stop on the canal that goes from Nantes to Brest; it’s a must-stop for those travelling on the canal.

At the farm

A trip to Brittany wouldn’t be complete without a visit of my father’s farm. Feed the cows, say hi to the rabbits and the chickens, … There is so much to discover for a toddler. :)

At home

Of course, we also spent some time at home, in the garden during the day and inside reading stories with my mother in the evening. Perfect holidays!

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