DevPress launches, offers free quality WordPress themes

in WordPress

After some teasers, DevPress launched yesterday with the release of a free theme, also available in the theme repository: News.

DevPress is the work of 4 WordPress fans (should I say “the four most important people in WordPress”? :) ), and you may know some of them already:

  • Justin Tadlock, developer of the Hybrid theme framework, and also writer of some of the best tutorials out there.
  • Patrick Daly, developer of Hybrid child themes
  • Ptah Dunbar, another WordPress ninja who contributes a lot to the development of the core of WordPress: you can thank him for his work on the menus introduced in 3.0 for example!
  • Tung Do, aka Small Potato, former owner of WPDesigner who disappeared for a while after selling the site.

As you can see, that makes quite a team of experts grouped together. From the looks of their first theme, it seems that their themes are going to be based on Hybrid base code. You can expect clean code from these guys, now let’s see if they can come up with original ideas, and original designs, which might be the missing part of that new team!

I will be keeping an eye on them, there might be some very interesting things coming out of that site, once the site will be fully operational with a clear roadmap, which seems to be unclear until now.

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