Creating your own outstanding online portfolio

Your portfolio is your online avatar. it represents you, your work and your experience. It should consequently be unique and show what you can do. That is what potential clients want to see, and they should see it quickly as in general a reader will make his mind in the first seconds he discovers your website and get a perception about after a few pages.

You should consequently find a way to push your best content to the front, make it accessible, simple, and still unique and eye-catching. Can you do that, and more important, how will you do it? Will you choose a Flash design, impressive and showing all your creativity ? A simple single-page portfolio getting to the point quickly? Or rather a CMS styled portfolio displaying your work and all your coding knowledge?

All these questions do not always have easy answers. By showing too much you can ruin your chances and drive away the potential clients due to complicated navigation? By not showing enough you are not attractive anymore.

A way to choose a simple design with good navigation can be to turn to WordPress. There are new portfolio themes every day, made for that. Thus you avoid diving onto code and concentrate on your words and the work you want to display. However there are many portfolio WordPress themes around here, how to choose the best?

Here below is a complete list of Portfolio themes, Premium and free. You will find your among them, for sure!

Free Portfolio WordPress themes

Black Canvas WordPress Theme

Black Canvas is a 2-column Widget-ready theme created for WordPress. View demo. Join the WordPress Revolution


Sharpfolio is a WordPress theme designed to enable Web Designers, Graphic Designers, Photographers, Motion Designers, Artists or any creative professional to showcase their work in a simple, clean, beautiful portfolio. Sharpfolio aims to focus primarily on your work, because after all, this is what’s most important. View demo. Download

Portfolio WordPress theme

Porftolio WordPress Themeis a WordPress theme designed for web portfolios and (for now) just for web portfolios. It is coming with an administrative panel from where you can edit the head quote text, you can edit all theme colors, font families, font sizes and you can fill a curriculum vitae and display it into a special page. View demo. Download

Premium Portfolio WordPress themes

artsee wordpress theme

ArtSee is an artsy design that was made for those looking for a simple and elegant theme. This template is perfect for portfolio websites, or blogs that seek a design that will accentuate visual imagery rather than overpower it. View demo. Join Club for download

WP Folio XL

WordPress Portfolio XL is the perfect solution to mount your portfolio online in just a few minutes, with a small tutorial for installing and configuring what you ready to fill all the jobs you want. Download


ProudFolio is most definitely aimed at aspiring designers, developers, artists and photographers who’d like a framework theme which incorporates both a great-looking portfolio and a feature-rich blog. View demo. Join WooThemes – Premium WordPress Themes Club

Fresh Folio

Fresh Folio is created to help you promote your skills on a clean, sophisticated design. View demo. Join WooThemes – Premium WordPress Themes Club


PortfolioPressis aimed at being a portfolio blog for web/graphic/print design. It was designed in Photoshop and uses the Georgia font as standard. View demo. Buy this theme

F8 Portfolio theme

f8 is a unique theme that can transform your Web site or blog into a fully functioning photography or multimedia portfolio Web site. View demo. Buy this theme

Viz Biz Portoflio theme

Viz | Biz is a premium portfolio theme for creative professionals to showcase their work online. View demo. Buy this theme


p class=”theme_title”>Well, I think that is a start for your portfolio! As a conclusion I would advise you a few blog posts for advice before starting your own portfolio :

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7 replies on “Creating your own outstanding online portfolio”

Cool set of themes. I’ve noticed quite a few of these developers moving to the subscription model. Interesting, I would love to see their books regarding sales so I could know how they came to that decision.

Good remark kalıp! However my guess is that their decision was not only sales-related. The WordPress community being so huge nowadays, you get a much better reputation if you show yourself as a contributor to the community. Giving away free themes with Paid support is then the best you can do to live from your work and keep a good reputation. If you cannot afford that then you better sell themes club memberships instead of single Premium themes.
Do not hesitate to check my article about theme clubs if you wish to know some more examples of this business model! ;)

There are some great ideas here for portfolios – thanks. I noticed most of the ones above have black backgrounds – is this “the in” color at the moment? I’ll have a read of some of the blogs about portfolios too – thanks for including them here to help people.

I believe black color is used a lot here because it helps focusing on the elements the author included in its portfolio. Here, it is not so much the content, the text that matters, but rather the images. And dark colors are just perfect fort that!