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WordPress 2.6.3 released

As annouced on today, a vulnerability in the Snoopy library was announced today.  WordPress uses Snoopy to fetch the feeds shown in the Dashboard.   Although this seems to be a low risk vulnerability for WordPress users, we wanted to get an update out immediately. 

2.6.3 is available for download right now!


Flickr tools for WordPress bloggers

Social networking and social websites are growing more and more popular everyday. Flickr is one of those, starting among advanced photographers and Internet users to become THE online photo sharing website today.

Although all the functionalities of Flickr are used by only a minority of users (basically half of those few owning a Pro account) it can be really useful to make a link between your Flickr pictures and your blog.

1. Flickr in your posts

PhotoDropper: A lightbox-type interface for adding photos to your posts. We have spoken about Zemanta in a previous post, and this free WordPress plugin brings it to another level by browsing all flickr pictures with Creative Commons license and including the keyword you searched for. Pictures are always important for an attractive post and this plugin will help you find the right ones!
With the same aim, WP Decoratr works a bit like Zemanta and will find pictures from flickr relevant to your post content.
Apart from random pictures from flickr you also can choose among yours, or display some of your sets to your readers in a post!

Displaying any of your pictures or other’s in your posts is the most obvious link we can do between Flickr and WordPress. Flickr photo album does it well by adding a simple button on the editor giving you direct access to your flickr sets. Inserting a picture on one of your posts is then really easy!

SimpleFlickr from Josh Gerdes allows you to embed a flickr integrated simpleviewer into your WordPress site.

2. Flickr in your sidebar

Lots of different WordPress plugins were created to have a small thumbnail gallery of your flickr pictures in your sidebar. of course it can be implemented in other places on your blog.

FlickrRSSdisplays photos from different photo-streams according to the settings. You are then able to see the latest pictures that appeared in the RSS feed.
Flickr Thumbnail Photostreamon the contrary displays pictures thanks to the Flickr API.

3. Flickr in a blog gallery

Slickr Gallery is a very fast, bandwidth-friendly photo gallery plugin. You can create galleries with all your sets on separate pages. This plugin will be really useful to people with many Flickr sets.

Flickr tag plugin is another way to have your Flickr pictures to appear in your gallery. It is then your choice where you want to see it appearing on your website, in a post or a page. Thanks to a rich setting page you will be able to customize it easily.

4. Others?

Do you know any other good Flickr WordPress plugins? Do not hesitate to let us know by commenting here!

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Do not forget the robots!

The robots.txt file is used to allow or block crawling by search engine bots on your website. When you install your WordPress blog this file is not created by default. However it has a real importance for the Page ranking further on. Here are a few tricks for WordPress users.

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Is your blog cool enough?

From today until the 15th of November, you have the chance to win a big award thanks to your WordPress blog! Prizes are going up to $500 Cash (via PayPal) + The Unlimited Video Theme Pack from worth $295 + 6 Months WooThemes Club Single User Subscription for from WooThemes worth $250 + WP Freedom Plan Life Time Hosting Sponsorship worth $100/year for the winner!

Sounds interesting, mm? Yet the best is to come: the only thing you have to do to get into the competition is to write a post about the contest itself!

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Spreading WPlove…

 We are many bloggers and developers loving WordPress all around the planet. Some use it as a personal blog, others as a professional tool. It could be your job tool as for many professional bloggers; it could be your portfolio as for many web designers.

And the power of WordPress is to propose hundreds of themes for each of these categories of users. Therefore if you are discovering WordPress you may head to the WordPress theme directory and have a look at what can be done. But there is another place to look for inspiration… We Love WP!


WpRecipes introduces you to WordPress secret recipes

A new blog is born! Today


WP CODA – A new deviation of WordPress

Every day new WordPress themes are realeased. Some stay unnoticed while others truly deserved their popularity. That is the case for WP Coda, a new WordPress theme from Greg Johnson.


It’s alive!

After a bit of thinking, a lot of research, I finally settled for a new domain name to share with you all tricks about WordPress!

Consequently this site will now become a bit more personal and I will probably also write in French there.

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