WP App Store has launched

Until recently, promoting Premium plugins was not an easy task. While new theme shops appear every month, paid plugin services are not so common.

Things might change though: a new service was launched today, called WP App Store.
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WordPress-Related Projects to Watch on GitHub

If you are using GitHub, here is a big list of all projects you can start watching and forking now!

WordPress-Related Projects to Watch on GitHub | Themergency.

Today in WordPress world – 03/09

  • A good read on how to organize your heading structure on your blog. h1, h2, h3, h4. You know they are useful, but here is how to make them really useful for the search engines.

Today in WordPress world – 02/09

  • three persons, carefully handpicked among all the three most important people in WordPress, are writing a book, I mean, THE book, on WordPress Plugin Development. These three fine chaps are Brad Williams, Justin Tadlock and Ozh.

Today in WordPress world – 01/09

  • The now famous book Digging into WordPress Version 3.0 is here and it’s packed with goodness, including a new chapter on WordPress 3, updated core content, and a super-sleek new cover.

Today in WordPress world – 31/08

Today in WordPress world – 26/08

  • Another greta plugin by Nathan Rice – you can now transfer your SEO settings from one theme / plugin to another, and thus not having any compatibility issues and transfer issues when you get bored or decide to switch to an new theme. Thank you Nathan !

Today in WordPress world – 25/08

Today in WordPress world – 23/08

Today in WordPress world – 20/08