On Repeat Today: Apparat

I discovered Apparat in Breaking Bad, and I’m hooked! Enjoy.

Breaking Bad

On Repeat today: Sayag Jazz Machine

Because Jazz and Drum’n’Bass go well together!

On Repeat today: Get Lucky

I’m a sucker for Get Lucky covers. I can listen to them on repeat for hours. :)

Here are the 3 covers I enjoyed today:

And in Breton :)

By the way, if you know a browser extension or greasemonkey script to add a repeat button to Youtube, please let me know!

On Repeat today: Lord Of The Rings

I’m in the mood for epic music today! Luckily, I found this video on Youtube. 2 hours of the Full Lord of The Rings symphony!


Lord of the Rings

On Repeat today: Lunasa!


On Repeat today: Amon Tobin!

Bonobo Scuba Amon Tobin Remix

Daft Punk: how much is too much?

I don’t know about you, but I see Daft Punk everywhere these days: their new album won’t be released until May 20, 2013, but they advertise ALOT.
I see them on each site running Google Adsense, and their 15-second teaser clip is inserted before each one of the videos I watch on Youtube. Don’t get me wrong, I love Daft Punk. I just don’t see the point of teasing so early and so much. I would probably appreciate it more if it were different teaser clips. I have had to listen to their clip so many times so I got sick of it, and probably won’t buy the album.

Instead, I will probably stick with people being creative and building their own tracks based on the 15-second teaser. And you can download it for free! Enjoy!

Since we’re talking about Adsense for Videos, do you know a way to ignore or block all ads from a specific source, like the Daft Punk channel in this case?

Monday night refreshments

Monday night refreshments

Another student demonstration just ended in Montreal, bars are packed. That’s a good night to enjoy a couple of beers with live music.

There are small things in life…

Fingers breakdance!

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