No Chocolate in January

Another month, another challenge! This month, I’ll get rid of another addiction: chocolate!

New month, new 30-day challenge! After skipping alcohol, and then Twitter, I’d like to tackle another addiction in January: chocolate.

December went by fast, and I must say I really liked being away from Twitter. It was hard staying away when on the desktop: so many news articles link to tweets and Twitter discussions. But I managed not to get sucked in. Most importantly, it felt really great not to have to look at it on my phone: no more bad tweets to bring me down after a long day! That’s definitely something I’ll change in my daily routine from now on. Although I will reinstall the Twitter app, I will only look at it when I receive a notification. No more random browsing, no more looking at trending hashtags, and no more monitoring work-related keywords after work is over. That challenge was a great learning experience!

No alcohol was easy; no Twitter was just a bit harder. Chocolate, however, is a much more serious addiction of mine. I eat chocolate every single day. I can’t go a day without it. The smell alone is often enough to give me cravings. I enjoy chocolate in all its forms and tastes. Feeling a bit down on a cold afternoon? Nothing better than a hot chocolate with a bit of cinnamon and a nut of butter. Want to start the weekend with a great breakfast? Make some waffles, and sprinkle chocolate powder on a hot waffle with melted butter. Enjoying a good TV series before to go to bed? Have a chocolate bar with it!

Getting rid of all of this will be hard, but necessary. It’s obviously healthy to cut down on all that sugar, but I also hope it will teach me how to properly enjoy chocolate again.

I’ll let you know how it went at the end of the month!