How to: exclude Categories from your RSS Feed

WPvibe proposes a quick way to exclude categories from your RSS feed, and thus display them only on your site, and not for your RSS subscribers. Careful though, if you use Feedburner, this modification will apply only to your WordPress feed ( How to Exclude Categories from your RSS Feed.

Are RSS and page rank linked?

The now famous RSS logo has spread all over Internet since its creation inĀ 2005 and globally since the beginning of the Web 2.0 wave. While some propose you solutions in order to gain RSS subscribers, I would like to raise your attention on a different aspect of RSS feed: its effect on Pagerank.

THE Complete collection of original RSS icons

Were you ever looking for an original feed icon for your blog? Something flashy, fresh and easy to remember for your readers? There are actually a lot of Free icon sets all over Internet, and we will collect the best here at wereWP! Outstanding RSS icons