Today in WordPress world – 23/02

WordPress 2.9 is out!

Just for the week end, and right before Christmas, Automattic makes us a great present, with the release of WordPress 2.9!

We have been talking about 2.9 for a while now, if you followed that blog, you got to know some of the new features that will come with that release, but here is a small selection of articles in case you would want a quick summary:

WordPress 2.9, oh so fine

  • Announcement from Matt

Sidebar (widget area) descriptions in WordPress 2.9

  • Justin Tadlock describes the latest widget area description abilities of WordPress 2.9

Geeky bits in WordPress 2.9

  • Joost de Valk talks about the hidden secrets of 2.9!

Everything you need to know about WordPress 2.9’s post image feature

  • Justin Tadlock explains us all about the post image feature

The Ultimative Guide For the_post_thumbnail In WordPress 2.9

  • Michael Preuss describes us what we can do with the new post_thumbnail function

WordPress 2.9 Packs in Loads of Features: Hands-on Review

  • Keith Dsouza makes a tour of all 2.9 features

Version 2.9

  • From the official codex page, all changes of WP 2.9

So, Enjoy this new WordPress version, and do not hesitate to give your feedback after you installed. I have just made the switch here, and somehow I fell like the blog is a bit faster than before. Maybe it is a just a feeling that I have though, so let me know if you realize the same for your own blog!

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Today in WordPress world – 16/11

  • You may have heard a bit of news about a new thumbnail feature for themes coming to WordPress 2.9.In this tutorial, Justin Tadlock is covering the various things you can do with the post image feature. Some things will be specific to end users while others will be useful for theme and plugin developers.